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Studio Theatre

Studio Theatre

SQ. FOOTAGE: 1,430 (useable/programmable)


MAX OCCUPANCY: 130 w/AGLC license)
BANQUET SEATING: 80 (no stage)

IDEAL FOR: Theatre, dance, music, literary and other cross-disciplinary performances and rehearsals. Film and media screenings. Gala, banquet, cabaret, market, conference, wedding, and other event use.

Imagine yourself stepping into the Studio Theatre, a space purpose-built to support multiple artistic disciplines and event uses. It's contemporary, offering you a highly adaptable, technically sophisticated, and beautiful rehearsal, performance, and event venue. As you explore, you'll find it seamlessly converts from a double-storey, light-filled hall to a fully-darkened theatre space, and everything in between! With a maximum capacity of 130, you'll appreciate the 1,430 sq. ft. sprung-floor space, equipped with a complete sound and theatrical lighting system. Need seating? No problem – retractable seating for 68 awaits you, along with an acoustic partition wall and additional support spaces, providing immense flexibility at an intimate scale. Whether you're planning an art exhibition, film screening, theatre production, dance performance, music event, gala, reception, banquet, market, or conference, this space is ideal for your needs.

Features that set the stage:
  • Retractable seating ensures that every seat becomes the best in the house, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for every guest.
  • Bask in natural light or set the mood with blackout blinds, giving you full control over the ambiance of your event.
  • Enjoy cutting-edge audiovisual support, LED lighting, and surround sound speakers, providing technical excellence that elevates your performances and presentations to new heights.
  • Bring your presentations and films to life with our state-of-the-art Cinema projector/screen, delivering crisp, immersive visuals that captivate your audience.
  • Set the perfect scene with an interior sandstone feature wall complemented by LED-colored house lighting, adding a touch of sophistication to your event's atmosphere.
  • Amplify the impact of your event with our recording and livestream packages.

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cSPACE Marda Loop Technical Specs

Updated May 2023

cSPACE Studio Theatre Tech List

Designed for flexibility and user-friendliness, the two-storey Studio Theatre can be a light-filled event space with a century-old sandstone feature wall or converted to a fully darkened performance space in minutes. Additional versatility comes from retractable seating, a sprung vinyl floor and vertical-drop acoustic wall to divide the space in half. The Studio Theatre is supported by a dedicated control booth to manage theatrical lighting, sound and projection systems. A ticketing booth/bar, green room with shower, lobby and outdoor courtyard are additionally available. Theatre and support spaces (except control booth) are fully accessible.

Overall Space Dimensions

Studio Theatre

Square Footage – 1,430sqft (26’ by 55’ dimensions for useable space)

North Studio

Square Footage – 598sqft (26’ by 23’ dimensions for useable space)

South Studio

Square Footage – 832sqft (26’ by 32’ dimensions for useable space)

Skyfold Acoustic Wall

A motorized acoustic Skyfold wall may be used to divide the Studio Theatre into the North and South Studio spaces.

  • STC rating of 54 for acoustic mitigation
  • Black fabric finish

Note: Two personnel required to lower Skyfold wall


Studio Theatre
  • Maximum Occupancy – 150 stand-up (130 w/ALCB License)
  • Maximum Theatre Seating – 138 (raked retractable seating unit: 68 + floor seating 70)
  • Maximum Theatre Seating with screen - 118 (raked retractable seating unit: 68 + floor seating 60)
  • Raked retractable seating can be deployed in rows of 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, or 68 seats (one row of 8 on floor) and complemented with up to 100 loose studio chairs to serve customized seating arrangements
  • Banquet Seating – 96 based on 12 - 8’-0” round tables with 8 chairs
North Studio
  • Maximum Occupancy – 80 stand-up (54 w/ALCB License)
  • Maximum Theatre Seating – 32 (raked retractable seating unit)
  • Maximum Theatre Seating with screen - 40 (raked retractable seating unit)
South Studio
  • Maximum Occupancy – 90 stand-up (75 w/ALCB License)
  • Maximum Theatre Seating – 70 floor seating

Theatre Features

Floor Surface

Studio Theatre is provisioned with a sprung wooden floor with dark-grey vinyl flooring surface. No screwing into floor is permitted.

Grid and Strong Points

Bottom of schedule 40 pipe grid is set at 6000mm (19’- 8”) above the finished floor. Spacing is 1500mm (5’- 0”) typical.

  • Pipe live load: 45kg/m
  • Impace factor: (25%): 11.25kg/m
  • Pipe max load: 56.25kg/m
  • There are 15 one tonne rigging strong points loading on each
  • Strong point is 900kg [point load with 25% impact factor
Natural Light and Room Darkening
  • The cSPACE Studio Theatre has natural light with blackout capability. The theatre has motorized external louvres for the building’s energy efficiency system, interior blackout blinds and velour drapes. The glazed windows into the theatre may be left open to natural light, partially darkened by blinds, or fully transformed into a “black box” space with use of the drapes. The room darkening devices can all be adapted to meet the needs of each user. A viewing window from the level 2 corridor into the studio may be controlled for privacy as required.
Additional Loose Drapes
  • Velour Drape Leg Panels - 234" High by 96” Wide - 6
  • Velour Border Panel - 24" High by 300” Wide - 1

Note: There is no in-house equipment (i.e. cheeseboroughs) or extensive rigging expertise.

Pipe and Drape
  • Velour 7’-6” High by 5’ (with fullness) up to 10’ (without fullness) Wide - 4

Note: Pipe and drape mask retractable seating unit and are only available when theatre seating is deployed.

Theatre Lighting

The Studio Theatre is equipped with a flexible arrangement of architectural house lights, linear feature lights on historic sandstone, and theatrical luminaires that can be recalled with basic presets on Crestron/Paradigm consoles or controlled and customized by a technician via the ETC lighting console.

Architectural Lighting
  • LED colour-changing DMX house lights - 21 (South Studio - 12; North Studio - 9)
  • Interior sandstone feature wall lit with colour-changing linear LED DMX wash - approximately 40’-0’
  • Paradigm touchscreens for house lighting control
Theatrical Lighting House Plot

Theatrical lights are focused in a house plot arrangement of 9 areas (3 areas stage left to right, 3 areas upstage to downstage) in the South Studio space. The North Studio space has 3 wash areas. Most theatrical instruments, accessories and cable are in use by house plot. Theatrical lights may be rehung but the time/cost to restore the house plot will be responsibility of Client. Please confirm any requirements during technical assessment.

Lighting Console
  • Ion Xe 20 Console
  • Portable DMX Gateway - 2
Theatrical Lighting Instruments
  • Colorsource Spot with Barrel - 22
    • 36deg lens tube - 22
    • 26deg lens tube - 2
  • Colorsource Par - 18
    • Medium Round Diffuser - 18
    • Wide Round Diffuser - 18

Note: Entire inventory of LED instruments are in use with house lighting plot.

  • Barn-door - 12
  • Drop-in Iris - 4
  • Floor Mounts - 4

Note: In house accessories are mainly in use with house lighting plot.

  • Edison two-fer - 15
  • 10' Powercon jumper - 20
  • 25' Powercon Jumper Cable - 20
  • 3' grey powercon to Edison Connector - 19
  • 3' blue powercon to Edison Plug - 16
  • 5’ DMX Cable - 5
  • 10’ DMX Cable - 15
  • 15’ DMX Cable - 15
  • 25’ DMX Cable - 15
  • 25' Edison cable - 6
  • 15' Edison cable - 6

Note: In house cable is mainly in use with house lighting plot.

Cinema Projection

Projection infrastructure allows for screening of multi-format content to 20’ screen in the South Studio or to an 8’ screen in the North Studio when theatre is divided using the skyfold acoustic wall. Video inputs are comprised of HDMI and analog VGA (with program audio). These are located in 3 floor boxes, a wall plate, and on the audio control desk in the Control Room. Each set of inputs include a transmitter that converts HDMI or analog VGA into digital video that is transported over shielded CAT6 cable to the digital video router in the Control Room. General users can use Crestron touchscreens to route video signal from the theatre. There is a 22” LCD display to allow users in the Control Room to monitor digital video signals going to any projector in the Event Space. Selection of sources to monitor can be made through a 10-inch LCD remote control touchscreen in the Control Room. There is a Dolby integrated media server for DCP content.

  • Christie Digital Cinema CP2208-LP 2K Laser Phosphor Projector with motorized lens (12K lumens)
  • Dolby IMS 2000 - Integrated Media Server
  • Gefen Pro III Video Scaler & Digital Media Adapter
  • Oppo Digital UDP-203 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player
  • 20' x 10' 10" Matte White Motorized Drop Down Screen (Studio Theatre)
  • 8.2' x 4.92' Matte White Motorized Drop Down Screen (North Studio)

Note: There is currently no media cueing device or software and this must be client supplied.

Cinema Sound Equipment

The Studio Theatre is equipped with a Dolby CP750 Digital Sound Processor delivering 7.1 surround sound through 11 wall, grid and ceiling mounted PK speakers.

  • PK Klarity8 700 Watt 2-way 8” Loudspeaker - 6
  • PK Klarity12 700 Watt 2-way 12” Multipurpose Loudspeaker - 3
  • PK Klarity18 1000 Watt 2-way 18” Subwoofer - 2

Studio Theatre and Facility Sound Equipment

The Studio Theatre AV system is designed and built to be easy to operate for basic use, while also provisioned with specialized AV equipment that requires technical support.

  • Crestron remote control touch screens provide users a convenient way of controlling complex AV system functions - 2
  • Crestron TPMC-9-B - 9" Tilt Touch Screen in control booth - 1
Sound Inputs and Outputs
  • Each floorbox includes a ⅛" program audio and 2 microphone inputs - 3
  • The wall box on the south side has ⅛" program audio, 4 microphone and 2 audio line level inputs
  • The wall box on the south side has 2 line level outputs
Signal Management

All input and output signals including program audio sources go through a digital signal processor. The digital signal processor (DSP) provides facilities for automatic mixing, routing, and processing. All inputs and outputs are patched to the DSP unit through patch bays. Audio signals can also be controlled via in-house or external digital mixing consoles. The outputs of the digital mixing consoles can then be manually routed to any of the audio outputs in the wall box on the south wall.

Program Audio Monitor

There is a program audio monitor panel in the desktop rack in the Control Room to allow users to monitor program audio in either half of the Event Space (when divided) or the entire combined Event Space. Users can select which channel or side they want to monitor on the front panel of the audio monitor panel.

Sound Console
  • DiGiCo X-S21 sound console
  • D-Rack Stage Box w/32 microphone inputs, 8 line
House Speakers

The house speaker installation supports stereo to 7.1 surround sound dispersion and is mounted to the pipe grid and walls of the theatre. Loose speakers can be used to compliment this installation.

  • PK Klarity8 700 Watt 2-way 8” Loudspeaker - 6
  • PK Klarity12 700 Watt 2-way 12” Multipurpose Loudspeaker - 3
  • PK Klarity18 1000 Watt 2-way 18” Subwoofer - 2
Loose Speakers
  • PK KLARITY12 700 Watt 2-way 12” Multipurpose Loudspeaker w/stands - 2
  • PK KLARITY8 700 Watt 2-way 8” Loudspeaker - 4
  • PK KLARITY18 1000 Watt 2-way 18” - 2
  • Astatic 22-Inch Condenser Cardioid Mini Gooseneck Microphone - 1
  • Shure Combo Lavalier (Lav)/Handheld Wireless Mic - 3
  • Shure SM58LC Vocal Mic - 4
  • Shure SM27 Condenser Mic - 2
  • Shure SM94LC - 2
  • Shure DMK5752 Drum 4pc Mic Pack – 1
  • Shure SM57 – 3
  • Sure Beta52A - 1
  • K&M Short Stand w/TeleBoom - 2
  • K&M 259/1 Low Level Stand - 2
  • K&M 251 Stand w/211/1 Boom - 12
  • K&M Mic Stand w/Clutch - 4
  • Digiflex 15’ Tourflex Mic Cable - 6
  • Digiflex 25’ Tourflex Mic Cable - 18
  • Digiflex 50’ Tourflex Mic Cable XLR - 8/li>
Music Stands
  • On Stage SM7211B Tripod Music Stand Black - 3
Clearcom and Paging Communications

A Clearcom system is available with connections at the Studio Theatre Control Booth entrance on level 1 and at level 2 desk, in the Foyer, Green Room and the southeast corner in the theatre.

  • Clearcom CC-300 Headset Microphone - 6
  • 20’ XLR cables - 2/li>
  • Clearcom HB-702 2-Channel flush-mount headset station - 4/li>
  • Shure 450-II paging microphone in control booth/li>
  • Clearcom MS702 - Intercom Master Station with Gooseneck microphone - 1

Note: Connections are available for Clearcom wireless beltpack headsets, but these must be client supplied.

Assistive Listening

Listen Technologies equipment (with universal ear speaker and neck loop lanyard) provide enhanced experience for 4 hearing impaired patrons.

Mobile Audio and Projector

One mobile cart provides capacity to bring AV throughout the building and out into the park site.

Mobile Sound Cart
  • Yamaha 12 Input Mixer w/FX - 1
  • Denon DN500CB Bluetooth Player - 1
  • Digiflex 6’ Tourflex Mic Cable - 4
  • Digiflex 25’ Tourflex Mic Cable - 6
  • DBX Dula 15 Band Equalizer - 1
  • PC Cable 3.5mm/2XRCAm 15’ Cable – 1
Mobile Projector Cart
  • 5500 lumen Laser Projector - Panasonic PTMZ570U – 1
Level 1 and Level 2 Corridor Sound

The level 1 and 2 corridor AV is designed to support the multi-disciplinary use of the Studio Theatre and for use of the corridors for performance, gallery, reception, and workshop purposes with provisions for background music and public address. Sound may be routed to corridors together or independently from the control pads, or in conjunction with the Studio Theatre from the control booth.

  • QSC CX204V amplifier
  • Tannoy DVS 6T - 6" DVS Series Stylish Surface Mount Loudspeaker with Transformer - 10
  • Biamp TEC-1i Surface Mount Ethernet Control Pad - 2
  • Microphone and ⅛" stereo and RCA audio inputs
  • Tascam CD-200-BT - CD and Bluetooth media Player
Theatre Riser Platforms
  • 4’ by 6’ Stagetek Platforms w/ 16”-24” adjustable legs - 18
  • 3’ by 3’ Stagetek Platforms w/ 16”-24” adjustable legs - 2
  • 56’ of black pleated drape @ 24”
  • Legs 8” fixed - 80
  • 3’-0” wide 2 Step Units w/rail - 2
  • 3’-0” by 16” @ 8” high box step - 2
  • 6’-0” Chair stops sections - 8
  • 6’-0” Guard Rail - 4
  • 4’-0” Guard Rail - 6
  • 30” cocktail tables @ 30” or 42” height available - 10
  • Upholstered auditorium chairs - 100
  • Podium w/condenser mic - 1
  • Rolling Bar 66” by 24” @ 41” high w/ lower shelf - 1
  • Plastic 72” by 24” folding tables - 10
  • Plastic folding chairs - 10
  • Easels – 25

Live Streaming / Recording

Take your show to the world using an in-house live streaming system.

  • Panasonic AW-HE40 Pro PTZ Cameras (3 built in, 1 portable)
    • 1080p30 (1920x1080) resolution
    • Remote Controllable (Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus/Iris)
    • Web Browser Interface over Ethernet
    • HDMI Output
  • Wirecast Pro
    • Switching/Producing Software
    • 5 Shot Layers 100 Shots Per
    • Multimedia Library
    • ISO Recordings
    • Streaming Service Setup in Wirecast
    • Multiview Programming
    • Multi-Track Streaming/Recording
      • Digico S21 used for audio routing
      • 8 Tracks
      • 48 Channels Per Track
    • Elgato Stream Deck
      • Programmable Key Controller
      • Custom Actions
      • Promoted by Panasonic and Wirecast
  • LG HD TV
    • High Definition
    • Multiview Screen
  • 2021 MacBook Pro
    • 32GB Memory
    • Intel i7 Chip
    • AMD Radeon Graphics Card

Additional Support and Event Spaces

Spaces listed below may be booked separately or in conjunction with the Studio Theatre or may be used to support broader, building-wide events.

Red Room

The Red Room is a small support space that may be booked as a bar, coat check, and storage space.

  • Located next to Level 1 corridor
  • Immediate access to AV control
  • Approximately 50 square feet of useable area
  • Piano crypt
  • Sink and small bar fridge
Green Room

A green room provides a backstage space for dressing rooms, staging for catering, and meeting space. Amenities include:

  • Direct access to the Studio Theatre
  • Sink and a fully accessible unisex washroom with shower
  • Program sound speaker, wall-mounted volume control outlet box, and Clearcom connection
  • Plastic tables and chairs are provided for dressing stations with wall mount mirror and power receptacles
  • Pipe and drape from theatre may be available for light lock or dividing the space if not in use
  • Rolling coat racks available

Note: Makeup stations and full-length mirror not currently available.

Level 4 Treehouse

The RGO Treehouse is a top-floor meeting and event space wrapped in an arts and design vibe. Featuring three sides of floor to ceiling windows and a panoramic exterior deck offering inspirational, tree-top views to the downtown, ArtPark and mountains. Hallway Gallery (Floor 4) may be rented in conjunction with this space.

South RGO Treehouse
  • Built in Drop Projection Screen with 113" Image Diagonal
  • 5500 lumen Laser Projector - Panasonic PTMZ570U
  • Barco CSE-200 Wireless Presentation System (“ClickShare”)
  • HDMI/Mini Display Port Projector Connections
  • Shure SM58LC Vocal Mic - 1
  • Shure Combo Lavalier/Handheld Wireless Mic - 1
  • 3.5mm Audio connection to Sound Mixer
  • Microphone inputs – 3
  • Owl Labs: Meeting Owl 3: 360° Video Conferencing Camera – 1 (shared with North Treehouse)
North RGO Treehouse
  • Short Throw Projector and Sound Bar
  • HDMI/Mini Display Port Projector Connections
  • Logitech C920 Webcam HD Pro for video conferencing
  • Owl Labs: Meeting Owl 3: 360° Video Conferencing Camera – 1 (shared with North Treehouse)

Theatre Studio Availability Calendar

For bookings more than 11 months in advance, please contact the events team directly at for up to date availability.