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Arts-centered and community-driven, cSPACE Marda Loop is an innovative creative hub, coworking and event venue. A place where visitors engage with diverse arts and culture programming, performances and inspiring artist studios. Enjoy the fully accessible facility with onsite café, free exhibition and craft galleries, and stunning public art works. Within a reimagined historic sandstone school, come explore how creativity thrives in vibrant communities.


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At cSPACE Projects, we have a vision for Calgary to be a city where creative enterprise thrives in vibrant communities. We believe that diverse communities of artists, designers, musicians and makers can shape our city for the future.

As we commit to nurturing an inclusive city where we all can belong, our actions are driven to ensure that all individuals can thrive, work, play, and feel secure within our creative facilities. In keeping with this goal, cSPACE is proud to extend a warm welcome to our 2SLGBTQIA+ staff, creatives, and community members within our spaces.

We stand against discrimination or harm directed towards individuals or groups based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or how they choose to express themselves. We firmly believe it is both our personal and collective responsibility to reject all forms of prejudice and are dedicated to forging a brighter future that welcomes everyone.

cSPACE believes that by ensuring our culture is inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible (IDEA) that we are open to vast creative potential.

--- Deeter Schurig
President + CEO
cSPACE Projects

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Banded Peak Brewing Presents: ⁠
The Guardians of the Ice Speaker Series ⁠
Mount Castleguard⁠
SEPTEMBER 29th at cSPACE Marda Loop Studio Theatre⁠
Doors open: 5:30 pm⁠
Event starts 6:30pm⁠
Tickets: $20⁠
Jim Elzinga has been an active and influential alpinist for over 40 years. He is the founder of Guardians of the Ice, with numerous first ascents in the Canadian Rockies, the Andes, and the Himalayas. Jim received the prestigious Edmund Hillary Award for his leadership of Everest Light, a first ascent that has never been duplicated. Steve House called him “the original Canadian hard man.⁠
B�anded Peak Brewer Erick Hollstedt will discuss the partnership for the series with Jim, and take the audience through a tasting of Mount Castleguard Cold IPA.⁠
All guests must be 18 years or older with government proof of ID. No Minors.⁠
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Oh yeah that time we closed out the return of  our show cspace.mardaloop as part of musicwithmandy super amazing createkidsfest. So grateful that she helped bring back the joy to families in Calgary and Create Kids Fest is still going strong! Go give them a follow. 🌟 

And my boy on djembe #prouddad 😭

🎵 Look at Me🎵
Hands on top that means stop
Hands in the air comb your hair (if you got some)
Listen to me tap your knee
Don’t be weird stroke your beard 🧔🏽‍♂️ 
Look at me …look at me

Can’t wait to record this one. Guitar audio quality not good 🙃

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There are a hundred ways to celebrate the Month of the Artist, and this Poetry & Music night is a great choice! Presented by the Writers Guild of Alberta and Calgary Spoken Word Society.  Visit the link in our bio for more info and tix.⁠
September Soiree: Poetry & Music⁠
Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 at 6:30pm MDT⁠
cSpace Marda Loop – Theatre (1st floor)⁠
1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta⁠
Free entry. Donations accepted at the door.⁠
Please join us and the Calgary Spoken Word Society for an evening of poetry and music featuring artists:⁠
Micheline Maylor⁠
Eugene Stickland⁠
Mary Vlooswyk⁠
Sheri-D Wilson⁠
Morag Northey⁠
and M.C. Ashley Frerichs⁠
Media Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CvvIjy3BcY1/⁠
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