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Arts-centered and community-driven, cSPACE Marda Loop is an innovative creative hub, coworking and event venue. A place where visitors engage with diverse arts and culture programming, performances and inspiring artist studios. Enjoy the fully accessible facility with onsite café, free exhibition and craft galleries, and stunning public art works. Within a reimagined historic sandstone school, come explore how creativity thrives in vibrant communities.


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Beautiful Cork on Black Leather that you can create your own earrings from.  Now to decide on the shape and size of the earrings.

Sign up for the workshop to create your own earrings on March 2, 


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cspace.mardaloop 🎨❤️ Fall in love with creativity at cSPACE Marda Loop’s Valentine’s showcase, I Heart Arts! 🌟 Join us on Thursday, February 8, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm for a celebration of the arts that goes beyond Valentine’s Day. 💘⁠
💖 Free activities for all ages!⁠
💖 Charming demos by the artists and creatives in our cSPACE arts hub community⁠
💖 Adorable live music performances from to-die-for local artists The Robin Tufts Trio⁠
💖 Sense-ual signature cocktails by Alberta Craft Council⁠
💖 Eye-catching exhibitions from Exposure Photo Festival artists⁠
💖 Silent auction delights from Marda Loop BIA businesses⁠
Whether it’s the silent auction, live music, or exhibitions that steal your heart, I Heart Arts is your ticket to warmth on a winter night. Don’t miss this chance to embrace creativity, community, and connection.⁠
PS Free parking!⁠
🌟 In the lot on 29th Avenue⁠
🌟 Street parking around the building⁠
🌟 In the Marda Loop Community Association lot, kitty corner to cSPACE Marda Loop on 16th Street SW.⁠
PPS Let us know if you’d like to volunteer! ⁠
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cSPACE Projects is delighted to be featuring artists from the 2024 Exposure Photography Festival on every floor of our Marda Loop creative hub. 📸 🌟⁠
📸 Level 1 PORTRAITS (Chopped Liver)⁠
📸 Level 2 FOUND FOOD FORGOTTEN (Shallon Cunningham)⁠
📸 Level 2 Cubby SNAPSHOTS (Leigh Reed)⁠
📸 Level 3 SHADOWS PASSING (Sean P. Drysdale)⁠
📸 Level 4 (Dipankar Mukherjee)⁠
📸 Level 4 Cupola INTO THE LIGHT OF AFRICA (Kristen Duff)⁠
Artist receptions on Thursday February 8th, from 5pm-9pm as part of the I Heart Arts Showcase Event at cSPACE Marda Loop.⁠
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Poet ONE speaks the beat poem below. Poet TWO punctuates with beat sounds at will, “Bop! Shabow! Whaaaaaaa.” Both punctuate the verses in between by snapping their fingers in time.

Feel the shoop at cSPACE Marda Loop,
Where creativity swirls, and passions stoop.
A Valentine’s bash, not just for two,
I Heart Arts, come and rendezvous.

On Thursday eve, February eight,
From five to nine, don’t hesitate.
Free spirits gather, all ages unite,
In the heart of the arts, bathed in neon light.

The Robin Tufts Trio, jazz sweet and divine,
Local artists groovin’, setting the sign.
Signature cocktails, Alberta’s crafty pride,
A sip, a swirl, on this artsy ride.

Exposed! On every floor, visuals unfold,
Exposure Photo Fest, stories untold.
Silent auction whispers, Marda Loop’s embrace,
Bid on delights, in this funky space.

So, join the beat of this artsy scene,
Where love for creativity reigns supreme.
Don’t miss the chance to play your part,
At I Heart Arts; the groove of your sweet heart.

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Exposure Photography Festival⁠
Artist Reception⁠
Thursday, February 8⁠
cSPACE Marda Loop⁠
Get ready to dive into a world of visual wonders! 📷✨ ⁠
Join us as we kickstart the Exposure Photography Festival at cSPACE Marda Loop with an eye-catching opening night reception! 🎉 ⁠
Brace yourself for a captivating array of photography exhibits that will leave you awe-inspired! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of capturing life's most extraordinary moments. 🌟📸 ⁠
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That's a wrap on Old Mule! Thank you to each and every person who came to share this story with us! 

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