Jubeschool presents:
KidsZone with Chantal Chagnon

Jubeschool presents:
KidsZone with Chantal Chagnon

Drumming, Songs, and Storytelling with Chantal Chagnon

Saturday June 29th
Meet at the Creative PlaySpace on the East side of cSPACE Marda Loop.

Chantal shares Traditional Drumming, Songs, Storytelling, Indigenous Culture, History and Traditional Teachings of North American First Nations and Métis People.

Storytelling and Music connects us as all people and is in aspects of cultures around the world. Drums carry powerful significance in Traditional Indigenous cultures. Drums are used for healing, ceremony, and celebration, and each song and drum beat carries the messages and intentions of our Ancestors. Drums are a traditional instrument found in all indigenous cultures throughout the world.

Chantal will share stories of how the drum came into being. Participants will learn about the hides in relation to the Medicine Wheel and how the drums and drumsticks are made. Chantal shares the significance and history of various drum weaving styles in connection to the nations and lands they originated from, the culture behind each style, and how each style teaches us lessons we can relate to our own lives. Chantal will also share the significance and teachings behind drumsticks, and how to properly and respectfully, honour, care for, maintain and play our drums.

Chantal shares the stories and teachings behind the songs, breaking down each song to learn. Together we will, drum, sing, learn songs and hear the stories from several North American First Nations including Cree, Ojibwe/Anishinaabe, Blackfoot, Cherokee and Métis.

Traditional Hand Drums will be provided for use.