Meet a Musician:
Ben Tizzard and Linden Conroy

Meet a Musician: Ben Tizzard and Linden Conroy

Ben Tizzard & Linden Conroy: Calgary’s Dynamic Guitar Duo Blending Jazz, Folk, Country, and Blues

About Ben and Linden

Ben Tizzard and Linden Conroy, are a local guitar duo with backgrounds in various genres. Individually, Ben and Linden are well-rounded free lance musicians with their own accolades and experiences. However, when they come together, their musical relationship is seamless. Ben’s Jazz and Folk background lends itself to intricate fingerpicking and delicate nuances while Linden’s experience in Country and Blues adds depth and soul to their sound.

Both Linden and Ben have performed at various Calgary venues, including The Ironwood Stage and Grill, Arts Commons, the Fairmont Palliser, the King Eddy, and the Telus Convention Centre. Both artists remain down-to-earth and committed to their craft, always striving to push the boundaries of what is possible with the guitar.

They continue to captivate audiences with their innovative style and undeniable talent, and there is no doubt that their best work is yet to come. This is a guitar duo you do not want to miss. Their melodic and intricate sound will leave you wanting more, waiting in anticipation as to what they will do next.

On The Beer Garden Stage:
Saturday, July 13th, 2024

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