Cheers to Success

Cheers to Success

Cheers to Success: Recapping cSPACE’s July “Brews & Beats” Beer Garden Event!

The July Beer Garden event at cSPACE Projects was a great success, leaving attendees with hearts full of joy and beer steins brimming with the finest craft beer! It was a hot one too, and the heat contributed to an afternoon to remember. We’re excited to share the highlights with you.

First and foremost, we extend our gratitude to our generous beer sponsor, Blindman Brewing, whose summery brews cooled things off on this hot afternoon. Their commitment to sustainability and crafting exceptional beers resonates with our vision of supporting local artisans and makers and keeping it green.

The atmosphere was alive with the swampy rock tunes of Shona Rae and the Bona Fides, following the infectious rhythms of Back Pocket. The rocking musical acts brought a delightful festival vibe for the crowds packed onto the Poet’s Walk and Art Yard at cSPACE Marda Loop.

One of the event’s highlights was the Alberta Craft Gallery’s handcrafted beer steins. We were thrilled to witness a record number of these unique and beautifully crafted pieces being sold, supporting local artisans and showcasing the thriving arts community.

Another success was the fantastic book sale presented by the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society. So many great books were available for fantastic bargain prices – we know lots of people went home with treasures. 

We couldn’t have pulled off this fantastic event without the dedication of our incredible volunteers and staff, especially the leadership of our Events & Engagement Manager, Erin-MacLean Berko, and tireless work of Venue Administrator, Alexa Lahsas. Here’s a round of applause for putting together an awesome event that left a lasting impression on everyone.

It warmed our hearts to see not only board members but also our supportive Marda Loop neighbours coming together to be a part of this celebration. The great crowds and friendly puppers added to the sense of camaraderie that makes the arts hub at cSPACE Marda Loop the centre of this community.

In addition, all proceeds from this beer garden event are going into the programming fund for future events, to support local musicians and artists. 

As we raise our glasses to the success of the July “Brews and Beats” Beer Garden, we cherish the memories made and the connections fostered during this wonderful afternoon. Thank you to everyone involved, from the sponsors and performers to the volunteers, staff, and attendees. Together, we’ll continue to create vibrant and memorable experiences at cSPACE Marda Loop! Cheers! 

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