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We Are The Shakespeares Of Our Own Lives (In person or Online)

November 25, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Join Tea as she discusses the stories hidden within objects.

Imagine a day in your life when you need to suddenly leave your home forever and you can only pack one suitcase. What will you take? Lots of objects have a practical value, but some of them carry stories about precious moments of our past. With these objects we can recreate the feeling of home wherever we go.

Zooming in from Slovania, Tea Kovše will share her research of personal objects in an eldery home, because the elderly have very strong experiences of losing and recreating their home. She also works with young people, as we all carry precious moments inside us and these are locked in particular objects.

In individual meetings and workshops she works with a variety of people to find the way of telling these stories through story telling, music and puppetry.

Join her research method and share her vision to create puppetry by any means and remember to bring your precious object!

Date: Saturday, November 25th

Time: 13:00 HRS (MST)

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Intended for 18+.

ABOUT: Tea Kovše, born in Slovenia, is a puppeteer who explores the performing area within puppetry, physical theatre and street theatre. After completing MA Dramaturgy at the Academy of theatre, radio, film and television (AGRFT) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, she co-founded Gledališče DELA (Theatre WORKS) – www.zraven.si – a performative theatre based on puppetry, movement and music. The theatre’s performances focus on social relations and phenomenons such as: boredom, burnout, mindset and stigma. She developed the puppet movement method Puppet Parkour where she examines the relationship between puppet movement and public space. During the “corona time 2020” she created the Miniature Puppet Theatre MOŽ! – www.mozi.space – in which she is researching topics of isolation and mental illness. In the year 2022 she co-founded, with Yves Brägger, a puppet theater named Teater Štrik / Theater Strick (www.strick.page) in Klagenfurt and joined The Red Noses company Austria. She lives and works in Klagenfurt/Celovec, Austria.

Read Tea’s blog: https://ojoj.blog/en/

This event is part of the 2023 Festival of Ideas – an annual conference, produced by W.P. Puppet Theatre Society. It explores the theory and practice of how puppet power promotes and impacts positive social change. In 2023 we ask, how can puppets, ‘metaphors of matter’, help us address our material world?