Wavelength 20/20 Returns
for Truth and Reconciliation

Wavelength 20/20 Returns
for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30 is the First National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.

A day for all Canadians and Treaty People to pause, and reflect upon what matters. 

A message from Deeter Schurig, President and CEO of cSPACE:

On this day we reflect on the more than 150,000 Indigenous children who were taken away from families, communities and their lands to be forced into Indian Residential schools. We pause to consider how many perished, never to return home, never to follow their calling or reach their true potential. 

We may also take time to reflect on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. We should pause to consider the human and Indigenous rights violations and abuses behind unacceptable rates of violence against Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people.

How can we authentically honour this day, these tragedies, and these stories? How as a community can we participate in commemorating this tragic history, yet focus on being restorative as a way forward, to reach our true potential as a thriving society?

Andy Moro, Lead Artist for the 20/20 Wavelength Project at cSPACE shares his perspective on this day:

“Each of us has our way to acknowledge and honour the truth of this and so many aggressively colonized territories around the world. This is our story.”

cSPACE, our staff and board, are only at the start of its journey towards reconciliation but recognize that this work is necessary to build the inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible creative places we envision. We believe that creativity and the arts is a powerful force for activating conversations, building engaged communities, and inciting positive change.

As a creative activation moving us forward, we are pleased that the 20/20 Wavelength Project artwork is being reinstalled for this 1st National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Wavelength was born as a response to the isolation and uncertainty of the pandemic, as a means to connect as a community. 

We reflect that the art and the dialogues embodied by Wavelength are as resonant as they were in 2020 and carry on into 2021. We share Andy Moro’s invitation below.

 “Tie an orange ribbon to our cubes for the stolen young ones. Pray in your way. Know the land you walk and live on. Respect the ways, languages, systems of justice, spirituality, songs, stories and teachings of the people who have been here for millenia. Honour the children. Listen to Elders and hold the truth. Be Human.”

From 1pm-5pm September 30th any and all members of our community were invited to tie an orange ribbon onto the Art Cubes on the South Lawn of cSPACE. More ribbons will be available at the Farmers and Makers Market on the South Lawn (Art Park) on the last market day, October 9th.