Meet an Artist:
Mandy Stobo
& Rebecca Malenka

Meet an Artist:
Mandy Stobo
& Rebecca Malenka

Mandy Stobo & Rebecca Malenka present an exhibition and book launch: The Museum for Wayward Girls

The Museum of Wayward Girls
November 21-26 at the cSPACE creative hub in Marda Loop
Levels 1 & 2
Portraits by Mandy Stobo. Words by Rebecca Malenka

About the Artists

More than just the creator of the Bad Portraits phenomenon, Mandy Stobo is a passionate artist, actor and mother. She is dedicated to her community, her family and her artwork while always taking in as many new perspectives, experiences and memories that life can offer. She has partnered with the “absinthe-minded curator” Rebecca Malenka for a dark and provocative project combining words and pictures. Writer Derry frames absurdism as “a philosophy based on the belief that the universe is irrational and meaningless and that the search for order brings the individual into conflict with the universe.” The Museum for Wayward Girls presents a story out of order, open for interpretation and exploration.

Artist Statement

The Museum of Wayward Girls is a collaboration of words and imagery. It is the assemblage of a group of women who exist in all of us. Together they are powerful. They are strong. They appear to be perfect but inside all of them, there are worlds threatening to collapse if they cannot control their own madness.

With the increasing assault against women, and the LGBTQIA2S community, any strength, power, beauty, and understanding we can provide makes this collaboration important in its own way. The words, the imagery can be disturbing, they are meant to provide a safe space of acceptance and love.

The artists hope by bringing this exhibition to cSPACE, they will create a positive experience for the viewer, as well as heightened awareness of the manuscript, the Waywards, and the exhibition itself!

What excites you about exhibiting at cSPACE?

“The building’s connection to the community, the history, and the stories it holds with its walls, the staircases, as well as the floors when one walks upon in their bare feet.” – Rebecca Malenka.

About the Exhibition and the Book

Tessa-Marie Soliloquy Faux. A washed-up Jellyslack who prefers the company of art and artifacts over kings, queens, and courtesans. Riddled with addiction and self-pity, she reluctantly becomes the historical custodian of a most unusual collection at The Museum of Wayward Girls. Join Tessa-Marie on her gnarled journey of words and imagery as she finds her way to where she rightfully belongs.


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