Live Stream Ready
in the Studio Theatre

Live Stream Ready
in the Studio Theatre


cSPACE Theatre is Fully Equipped to Face a Future of Live Streaming

The intimate Studio Theatre at cSPACE has been host to an incredible variety of performances and events since opening in 2018. In a short time we’ve seen countless productions in our space, including dance, film festivals, musical presentations, opera, circuses, and experimental theatre. Adaptable and welcoming, the Studio Theatre is ready for anything. 

Taiko drummers rehearse for a zoom collaboration

Unprecedented times

When the Covid-19 pandemic began in March 2020, no one could foresee the long lasting impacts it would have on arts and culture. Shutdowns and restrictions on performing arts venues affect thousands of arts workers across the country. With ongoing pandemic challenges still today, we may not see venues and events return to full capacity for some time to come.

Adapting to the new live stream reality

The desire for performers and audiences to connect is more present than ever. Many groups are looking at new and innovative ways to deliver their message. Recorded and live streamed performances continue to be a vital tool for keeping the arts in our hearts. Online, recorded, and hybrid events are here to stay, and offer great opportunities for a new kind of connectivity. 

c_Wavelength Event live streamed from the Studio Theatre in November 2021

Silver linings 

There are unexpected benefits to the new virtual reality. Arts groups are able to access audiences they wouldn’t have imagined reaching just two years ago. Attracting global patrons is not just possible, but a growing trend. Being able to share a creative vision across the country, and across the globe, is an exciting development for many smaller companies that lack the ability to tour. Collaborations between artists that may have proved formidable a short while ago are adapting to online platforms. 

Live stream upgrades provide opportunities

cSPACE recognizes the immediate and pressing need to support artists in these challenging times. Thanks to Canadian Heritage and the Calgary Foundation, our Studio Theatre (already a favourite with local arts groups) is now outfitted with powerful new recording and live stream equipment to meet the demand.

Gisela Romero Quartet warms up in the theatre. Credit: Liliana Vargas

Here to Stay

The benefits of online and live streamed events will continue far into the future. As in-person events slowly return, more and more organizations will continue to choose hybrid events as a way to expand their reach and maximize revenue potential. We are proud to be part of this evolving arts scene, and to be of service to Calgary’s creative community.


cSPACE now offers three comprehensive recording and live streaming packages to suit any need.

Livestream/Recording Packages

  • Up to four Panasonic PTZ cameras available in conjunction with Wirecast software based switching
  • Each camera comes with 3 preset angles to capture any situation
  • Dedicated Wirecast trained technician(s) handle your event and give it that professional polish
  • Multi track audio recording available on four camera packages

Record, broadcast, or both. All packages come with:

  • Complete feed of your event on a flash USB drive
  • Title and end cards included (if you have your own branded title and end cards, we’ll use those)
  • All raw files available if desired (client must supply their own portable hard drive)
  • 1 hour initial consultation with a dedicated technician (includes tech assessment)
  • 2 hours set up prep on the day of shooting

One Camera Package – The Essentials

  • Dedicated video tech 
  • 3 preset/programmed angles from 1 camera, and ability to switch between camera angles throughout the presentation
  • Related mics – all sound routed to one output

Great for: conferences, panels, archival theatre recordings

3 Camera Package – Most Popular

  • Dedicated video tech 
  • 1 extra technician dedicated to lighting and sound
  • 3 preset/programmed angles from each camera
  • Switching ability allows the technician switch between cameras and preset angles
  • Related mics – all sound routed to one output

Great for: theatrical presentations, fashion shows, dance shows, intimate concerts.

4 Camera Package – Premium

  • Dedicated video tech 
  • Dedicated light tech
  • Dedicated sound tech
  • 3 preset/programmed angles from each camera
  • Switching ability allows the technician switch between cameras and preset angles
  • Multi track recording of all microphone inputs

Great for: music video recording, complex theatrical events, larger concerts

Are you planning an event? Interested in a recorded, live streamed, or hybrid element?  Get in touch with our events team ( for more information on booking the Studio Theatre at cSPACE. 

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