Creative Incubator Artist of the Day: Misha Maseka

Creative Incubator Artist of the Day: Misha Maseka

Get to know an artist! Today’s Incubator spotlight is on Misha Maseka


Misha, who performs under the name Lemba, is one of 3 incredible filmmakers who are documenting the creative processes of the Incubator artists who are exploring new aspects of their art here at cSPACE. Because she is amazing, she is able to capture the essence of each of her unique subjects, in their own way. Misha was attracted to the Incubator project because she wanted to meet more artists in the city, and further her already established skills in cinematography. 

cSPACE: What’s your imaginary autobiography called? 

MM: “Opera Is My Ex.” Because I studied opera and I love Love. 

cSPACE: Yes, that’s right. Misha is an accomplished singer who has performed most every genre of music. She’s been a professional opera singer, a songwriter, a member of a soul group, and also a folk trio. She’s got pipes! But whether singing musical theatre, or writing songs, or making films, or curating and hosting cabarets for Arts Commons’ online event series, Misha is dedicated to telling stories. What excites you about the Creative Incubator?

MM:  Creating with other people!

cSPACE: When the Incubator project is complete, Misha will have created 4 separate mini documentaries, featuring an aerialist (Lèda Davies), a storyteller (Lana Skauge), a 3D animator (Mackenzie Bedford), and a musician, (Jamil Ahmed). During the Incubator so far, she has experienced professional development opportunities through leadership coaching with Christina Jahn (The Spirit of Inquiry), and brand development coaching with Micheal Dargie (Make More Creative). She has also had the opportunity to network with the two other awesome filmmakers in the Incubator project. As far as meeting more artists in the city goes, that is Mission Accomplished! 

What inspires you about cSPACE?

MM: Getting to utilize such a brilliant space. A positive thing is how warm and welcome the team has been. 

cSPACE: Misha started shooting her mini documentaries in the Studio Theatre, but when restrictions tightened, people adapted. Now many of the interviews that will appear in the final docs have been shooting on the balcony of the cSPACE Treehouse meeting spaces that overlook the city. We’re glad that Misha likes what we’ve got to offer! At cSPACE we live by the 4C’s: Creativity, Community, Collaboration, and Change. Which of these resonates the most with you right now?

MM: Collaboration. I can’t create on my own in any of my creative endeavours. To emphasize collaboration is great because my ideas and the stories I want to tell are best done in collaboration.

cSPACE: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A release party and premiere screening party for my short film and doing the festival circuit in person.

cSPACE: We feel that’s totally in the cards. We can’t wait to see Misha on the red carpet of film festivals around the world. If you want to connect with Lemba and follow her on her journey to, we hope, CIFF, at the very least, you can find her on Instagram at @IAmLemba

cSPACE gratefully acknowledges the support of the Calgary Foundation for the Creative Incubator Initiative