A Pause that Matters

A Pause that Matters

A Message from the President and CEO

To our cSPACE friends:

We are in a remarkable time of complexity related to COVID – 19. In the days to come, asking what the future should look like will be an essential question. For now, this historic moment also asks us to pause, be patient, and consider what matters. 

Our reality today is that many of us have retreated to the confines of our homes. We are grateful to those on the front lines who are delivering essential services amidst challenging conditions. Uncertainty prevails and we need to remain mindful, adaptive, and consider possibilities. It’s a time to stay apart, yet come together.

For now, let’s pause, be patient, and consider that creative ideas matter.

For cSPACE, our creative hub remains closed to the public since mid-March. This runs counter to the need for gathering and celebration that has guided us from the start. Our spaces at cSPACE Marda Loop are for creating, for collaboration and for the community at heart. 

Today’s empty halls remind us of when the building was still a vacant school for so many years. Back in 2010 we knew that change was possible and that we needed to build a collective vision for a vibrant community. We needed to channel creativity towards what a revitalized space could look like. 

For now, let’s pause, be patient, and confirm that creative people matter.

Before construction began in 2013, artists Aaron Sidorenko and Karen Klassen helped us. They took inspiration from the traces etched in stone and paint, and from the past narratives of this historic place. Their artwork – a vibrant kaleidoscope of colour on the old school doors –  reawakened the school’s namesake and first Principal William Aberhart. 

Aberhart opened King Edward School in the fall of 1913. Only a few months later he would witness the outbreak of WWI, then later the Spanish Flu, followed by the Great Depression. During the Dirty Thirties, Aberhart became the Premier of Alberta and believed Albertans should receive $25 per month to stimulate the economy. How history repeats itself! 

For now, let’s pause, be patient, and confirm that historic places matter.

They are a vessel for creative ideas and stories that remind us others have also endured the challenges in the past. 

Looking back over the past year, there is proof that King Edward School has returned to life for Calgarians. With hundreds of events, meetings, classes, exhibitions, performances and markets – cSPACE has become a vibrant kaleidoscope of colour in our everyday lives!  

Our creative community is adapting to Covid-19 and continuing to bring tremendous value to the community.  King Edward School now remains an enduring landmark and our cSPACE community has more stories to tell.

In taking a pause to look back, we remain committed to realizing our vision of creative change for the community. 

In time, we will reopen, and see each other again. 

For now, let’s pause to consider what matters.

-Deeter Schurig, President and CEO of cSPACE Projects