Meet the Team:
Kyle Riege

Meet the Team:
Kyle Riege

Studio Theatre Manager Kyle Riege Brings Experience and Innovation to new Role!

Kyle Riege (he/him)
Studio Theatre Manager

Kyle Riege has worked as a highly skilled technician in the cSPACE Studio Theatre for several years. Recently, however, Kyle took on a bigger leadership role in the cSPACE community. Say hello to cSPACE’s Studio Theatre Manager.

Kyle is excited to be working at cSPACE and continuing his technical work in lighting, sound and broadcast. He is passionate about supporting events to be the best they can be. He has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and is also the co-founder of Canadiana Music. He believes in local support for all kinds of art (performance and visual), and works hard to promote local support for local business and entrepreneurs. He is a firm believer in community, family, and being a team player. His favourite adage is “a rising tide lifts all ships.”

When he isn’t working (a rare sight!) he is usually outside in nature exploring its tranquility and peace, and reconnecting to his human roots. At home, he plays his collection of guitars and miscellaneous other instruments, and hangs out with his cat, Cleocatra.

Creativity in the arts provides a medium through which people of the most diverse backgrounds can connect and discuss – while forgetting their differences and quarrels. In my work and personal life, I strive to approach any creative endeavour with admiration and appreciation, while leaving any judgement at the door.

Knowing that my work is aligned and supportive of my values empowers me to be strong in my conviction outside of the workplace as well.

— Kyle Riege

In his new role at cSPACE Kyle has been an invaluable asset so far. His technical expertise is more than easily matched with his client-facing skills. Popular with clients, staff and technicians alike, cSPACE looks forward to many fulfilling years working with Kyle.

Photo Description: Kyle Riege is shown with head and shoulders visible. He has light skin, shoulder length brown hair and beard, and is wearing a green plaid cloth jacket.