Robin Van Eck

Robin Van Eck

People Profile: Robin Van Eck
Executive Director of Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society

Embracing Unique Stories

For Robin Van Eck, every day is a new adventure in the world of literature. As the Executive Director of the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society, she thrives on the diversity of stories she encounters. “I love that no two stories are the same,” she says. The sparkle in the eyes of new writers, their budding realization of their potential, fuels her passion. This enthusiasm extends beyond individual accomplishments; it’s about being part of a vibrant literary community filled with a variety of people and styles.

Ambassador of Creativity

Robin doesn’t just oversee a creative organization; she embodies creativity in both her professional and personal life. “We strive to be creative in all we do, from new programming models and program development to the actual work being created,” she explains. At home and at work, she encourages daily creative endeavors, fostering an environment where innovation and imagination thrive.

Builder of Community

Writers, like all individuals, need community to flourish. Robin understands that writing, often perceived as a solitary art form, thrives on collaboration and shared experiences. For over 40 years, the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society has been a haven where writers can connect, share ideas, and be inspired together. “To thrive, to engage, to encourage, and to motivate,” she emphasizes, highlighting the integral role of community in creative growth.

Convener of Collaboration

Robin’s work extends beyond the walls of the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society. She collaborates with multiple communities to offer dynamic and engaging programming for all age groups. Whether it’s creative exploration for youth or meaningful mental awareness programs for adults, Robin brings people together to share, connect, and create. This collaborative spirit enriches the community and fosters a culture of shared creativity.

Agent of Change

At the heart of writing lies the hope that someone will listen. Robin believes in the power of stories to open minds and spark conversations. “We give space to those who want to speak and those who want to listen in the hopes that together we will change even one person’s way of thinking for the better,” she reflects. Through the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society, she amplifies voices and facilitates dialogue, driving positive change in the community.

Collaboration Highlights

Robin’s collaborative efforts have yielded fruitful partnerships, particularly with Quest Theatre and Alliance Française for the cKids programming. This year, they are sharing a book at the Teachers Convention with Quest Theatre, a testament to their aligned goals and shared demographics. These partnerships enhance the reach and impact of their programming, fostering a supportive and interconnected creative community.

The cSPACE Community

The cSPACE Marda Loop building, where the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society is housed, is a wellspring of energy and creativity. “The energy. The creativity that can be felt just by walking into the building,” Robin says with enthusiasm. Members frequently express their admiration for the diversity of art forms they encounter within this space. It’s a welcoming environment where organizations like hers can truly flourish.

Finding Joy Beyond Work

Outside of her professional life, Robin finds joy in her family, books, and her own creative projects. She values quiet moments, especially after the enforced slowdown brought on by the Covid pandemic. “Covid forced us to sit back for a while and just be,” she recalls. Now, as life returns to its familiar pace, she seeks out quiet to unwind and regenerate. Photography is another avenue she sometimes explores, capturing moments of serenity and beauty.

In every aspect of her life, Robin Van Eck exemplifies creativity, community building, collaboration, and change. Her leadership at the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society continues to inspire and nurture writers, fostering a vibrant and dynamic literary community.