The Creative Incubator 2021

The Creative Incubator 2021

cSPACE Projects and the Calgary Foundation respond to the challenges facing artists in the face of the pandemic with the Creative Incubator Initiative

“A fantastic team of filmmakers, business brand guru(s), and a host of artists (MY PEOPLE!) … journey for five weeks redefining and fine-tuning our individual approaches to our art forms in this new world of pandemic challenges.”

-Participant, Lana Skauge

After a superlatively successful artist call, our team of amazing assessors had the daunting task of selecting only 12 artists to participate in cSPACE’s first Creative Incubator Initiative. Coming from all disciplines and backgrounds, we are energized to have this bunch light up our cSPACE!

For the next little while, these creatives will work on special projects and have access to resources to help their process as they navigate the changes and challenges in the pandemic world. They’ll get to play in our world class Studio Theatre, with support from our in house theatre technicians. They’ll also get inspiration to help them on their journey as creative entrepreneurs from Christina Jahn’s Spirit of Inquiry workshop, and Michael Dargie (Make More Creative) who will help them with a crash course in branding and marketing for artists.

You’ll get to meet them all individually in the upcoming weeks, but for now, please say “hi” to Gladzy Kei, Harvey Nichol Santos, James Watson, Jamil Ahmed, Jennifer J. Lee, Jocelyn Mah, Lana Skauge, Leda Davies, Mackenzie Bedford, Meg Oshada, Ross Pambrun, and Savanna Harvey.

In addition, 3 filmmakers were chosen to document the creative process of the artists in the space. We are delighted to be working with the super talented Misha Maseka, Ximena Rios, and Ryan Wilkes, and look forward to seeing what emerges from the Incubator.

If you’re on Instagram, check @cspacemardaloop for updates as they happen! #cspace #cspacemardaloop #creativeincubator

The Creative Incubator is a five-week residency program featuring 12 local artists, musicians, and dancers. Artists impacted by the pandemic have the opportunity to return to their creative practice in the beautiful cSPACE Marda Loop Studio Theatre. The work will be captured by professional filmmakers, telling the story of their return and re-emergence out of Covid.

The artists are provided learning and development opportunities, marketing and branding coaching, and community building/knowledge sharing within the cohort and cSPACE artistic community.

cSPACE acknowledges the generous support of the Calgary Foundation for the Creative Incubator Initiative.