Robin Tufts Trio at I Heart Arts

Robin Tufts Trio at I Heart Arts

Robin Tufts Trio at I Heart Arts

Harmonic Alchemy: The Robin Tufts Trio to Enchant Hearts at cSPACE’s Valentine’s Showcase


Calgary’s cSPACE Marda Loop is set to host a mesmerizing musical journey on February 8th, from 5 pm to 9 pm, as the acclaimed Robin Tufts Trio takes center stage at the I Heart Arts Valentine’s Showcase. Renowned drummer and percussionist Robin Tufts, along with the exceptionally talented multi-instrumentalist Jon Day and versatile bassist Simon Fisk, promises an evening of jazz exploration that transcends boundaries.

Robin Tufts: The Rhythmic Visionary

At the heart of the trio is Robin Tufts, a musical visionary whose passion for rhythm and drums has left an indelible mark on Calgary’s music scene. As a collaborator known for his care, curiosity, and infectious smile, Tufts brings a deep sense of connection to his performances. With a background spanning jazz, folk, and experimental music, Tufts leads the trio in transforming familiar jazz standards into vibrant playgrounds of improvisation. His love for spontaneity and connection with the audience is sure to make the evening a memorable experience.

Jon Day: Calgary’s Multi-Instrumental Virtuoso

Joining Tufts is Calgary’s own Jon Day, a multi-instrumentalist whose musical prowess extends across a spectrum of genres. Day’s versatility shines through as he weaves intricate melodies on the piano, contributing to the trio’s rich sonic tapestry. With a background steeped in jazz and a reputation for pushing musical boundaries, Jon Day brings a dynamic energy to the ensemble, promising an evening of musical surprises and enchanting improvisations.

Simon Fisk: The Versatile Bass Maestro

Completing the trio is the exceptionally versatile bassist, Simon Fisk, whose musical journey encompasses jazz, classical, contemporary, and experimental genres. Fisk’s adept bass skills and innovative spirit contribute to the trio’s sonic experimentation, creating an immersive musical experience. His collaborative efforts with Tufts and Day have forged a tight-knit ensemble that navigates diverse musical landscapes with finesse.

As the Robin Tufts Trio takes the stage at cSPACE Marda Loop’s I Heart Arts Valentine’s Showcase, audiences can anticipate an evening filled with harmonic alchemy, where the collective talents of Tufts, Day, and Fisk converge to create a spellbinding fusion of jazz exploration. This Valentine’s Day, immerse yourself in the magic of live music and experience the love-bombing power of the Robin Tufts Trio.