Meet an Artist: Laugh Loft Comedy

Meet an Artist: Laugh Loft Comedy

About the event

June 15th, 2023
Doors open 7:30pm, show at 8pm
Studio Theatre at cSPACE Marda Loop

Laugh Loft Comedy presents a double comedy album taping featuring two of Calgary’s best comedians, Karla Marx and Victoria Banner! Come listen to jokes about the LGBTQ community and more from a transgender lesbian communist Drag Queen!


About the Artists:

Karla Marx (she/her)

Karla Marx (she/her), Calgary’s Most Naked Drag Queen, has the eye of the tiger and the mouth of a teamster! Karla is the mother of the Marx Werk Ware Haus, a board member of Cabaret Calgary, and performs drag, burlesque, and stand up comedy across Canada. She recently performed at the Hollywood Burlesque Festival, and just finished a tour of the UK and Germany. Karla was voted Best Host by Imperial Burlesque Canada in 2022 and placed second in the Draglesque category.

She recently starred in Comedy Invasion, a comedy TV showcase available on Amazon Prime and Tubi.


Victoria Banner (she/her)

Victoria is a professional touring stand-up comedian with a lifelong background in the holy trinity of funny (stand-up, improv & sketch). In addition to being a hilarious performer, Victoria is known for producing and curating unique stand-up comedy shows across western Canada. Outsider art in comedy form, Victoria is an energetic storyteller who loves to take audiences on long walks to weird feelings.

As of recently Victoria has been throwing all her comedy and art projects up on her website-

In their own words

Can each of you please tell more about what do you do and why you love to do it? 

KM: I love building queer art spaces in Calgary! This is a wonderful celebration of queer art and comedy. It is a chance to raise queer voices and let us share our own views and messages.

VB: There’s a duality in my comedy for sure; on one hand I like finding combinations of words that speak truth to power ESPECIALLY to do with emotionally abusive systems. For me comedy is a revenge thriller centered around my C-PTSD and my comedy is very funny/cathartic if you’ve also had some dark times. To counteract trauma-bonding with the audience I like to pepper in classic silliness, I think I’m one of the few comics in the city you could accurately describe as “a goofball.”

This [event] is a dual album taping which means Karla and I will be doing 45 minutes of our best material and taping it live off the floor. We’ve been gathering the best laughers from our weekly queer/femme comedy show: Laugh Loft, and are ready to showcase them the best of the best.

Karla is a queer ICON and Victoria is DEFINITELY NOT STRAIGHT, so it will be an affirming night of Queer/Femme comedy with two sharp local comics who have been making waves on a national scale. We are excited to turn this live show in to a physical album that will be a lasting artistic artifact that will showcase our Queer/Femme comedy scene –which was a missing resource in Calgary comedy for quite some time.

I’m an intersectional feminist and a “do what I say-er.” Most albums are taped in comedy clubs where you have to adhere to the comedy club owner’s personal opinions to be allowed to tape your album there. By renting out the cSPACE theatre I am very blessed to be able to do the album my way. Hopefully the stellar turn-out for the show will inspire other comedians locally to do the same and speak their truths without a completely unnecessary authority figure adjudicating their words.

What are your hopes for Calgary as a Creative City?

KM: More acceptance for transgender artists!

VB: I’ve hit a fantastic point in my career where I am always given a platform and a space for whatever silly ideas I have. As an artist and a creator who loves to experiment with premises for live comedy shows I’d love to grow space that is a hub for experimental/alternative comedy. Its difficult to market something completely unique, so I want to put my efforts in to making a space where audiences know they can go to see something funny/new.

What’s something outside of your work/mission that brings you joy?

KM: Hiking with my dogs! Looking forward to hitting the trails in Bragg Creek and Kananaskis Country.

VB: I love longboarding SO MUCH. I hit a period of artistic burnout in 2017 that was very traumatic and longboarding up and down the river path was the only thing that gave me a sense of purpose. Sometimes its difficult to wait between comedy gigs because I want to do comedy all the time, so luckily I can longboard any time I want and get some of my excess energy out because board culture is a satisfying blend of art & sport.

How can we follow you and learn more about what you do?

VB: Following me on Instagram is CRUCIAL. Comedy bookers look directly at those numbers so please follow me and then text your bestie and ask them to follow me: @VBCreates4U

I also have a website: and its a great way to get to know me, see my visual art, understand my broad scope of work and hit me up for collaborations (I’m always down for collaborations).

Thank you so much for your time and we are really looking forward to your show!