Meet an Artist:
Kristin Duff

Meet an Artist:
Kristin Duff

Into the Light of Africa

The Exposure Photo Fest runs for the month of February in galleries and non-traditional art spaces across Calgary. cSPACE is proud to participate with galleries on all four levels of cSPACE Marda Loop. 


INTO THE LIGHT OF AFRICA: An Exploration of Connection
Photographer: Kristin Duff
Cupola Gallery (cSPACE Marda Loop Level 4)
For the month of February

Calgary based photographer Kristin Duff is a wildlife photographer exhibiting at cSPACE Marda Loop for the 2024 Exposure Photo Festival.


This collection of images explores the relationship of connection on Africa’s Serengeti. It was a means of seeking peace in the outer world in order to live with the one that lies within.

In the heart of Africa, a vibrant and diverse tapestry of life unfolds. It is a wilderness unlike any other, brimming with untamed beauty where the spirit of the continent roams freely. As a photographer, my mission was to capture the essence of African wildlife, unveiling its grace, power, and connection to the natural world.

Through my lens, I seek to transport the viewer into the breathtaking realms of Africa’s iconic savannahs and expansive desert.  From the majestic African elephant with its sheer size and gentle demeanour, to the elusive leopard, epitomizing grace and strength, each creature tells its own story.

I strive to create a visual narrative that urges the viewer to connect with Africa’s wildlife on a deeper level. It is my hope that by witnessing the graceful elegance of a giraffe, the tender bond between a gazelle and her newly born young, or the harmonious relationship between beast and bird, hearts are stirred and a newfound appreciation for the natural world blossoms. This series of images serve not only as a visual testament to Africa’s astonishing wildlife but also as a reminder of the importance of our role in preserving the delicate harmony of our planet. By sharing the untamed beauty of these animals I aspire to foster a sense of connection to them and stir a sense of responsibility and reverence for the natural world. Firm in the belief that we are all connected, I wish to see these captivating creatures continue to thrive in their ancestral homes for generations to come.

-Kristin Duff

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