Meet an Artist:
Danielle Bartlette

Meet an Artist:
Danielle Bartlette

Journey of a Calgary-Based Visionary

Calgary is increasingly recognized for its lively cultural scene, boasting many talented artists including Danielle Bartlette. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Bartlette’s artistic path spans from the School of Art at the University of Manitoba to the vibrant arts community of Calgary. Here we delve into her life, artistic process, and current exhibitions, exploring influences that have shaped her as a Canadian painter.

Origin Story

Danielle Bartlette’s artistic journey originates in Winnipeg, where she pursued a Fine Arts Honours Program at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art. In 2000, she chose to relocate to Calgary, immersing herself further in the world of art. Over the years, Danielle has become a prominent figure in the local art scene, exhibiting captivating paintings through various galleries.

The Artistic Style

Danielle’s work delves into the intricate relationships between place and memory, texture, and color. Using mixed media on canvas and wood, she draws inspiration from movements like abstract expressionism, art nouveau, pop art, and excessivism. Proudly identifying as a postmodernist artist, she employs collage, typography, signage, and various materials, including semi-precious stones and 24K gold, to craft visually stunning compositions reflecting memories of specific times and places.

Current Exhibition

METAL Firecrackers and the Electric BLING – Dana Schindelka and Danielle Bartlette, is currently on display at cSPACE until November 26, 2023. This group show includes work from Danielle’s friend and artistic mentee, Dana Schindelka. Meanwhile her solo exhibition will continue on the 3rd floor until December 2nd, showcasing a range of paintings and mixed media works spanning from 2008 to the present. Among the highlights is her latest series, CORONARAMA, a visual diary created during the pandemic years of 2020-2022, offering a unique perspective on the lockdown experience.

Personal Touch

Beyond her art, Danielle Bartlette is a music enthusiast who finds inspiration in various genres. She has attended events in cities like Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, L.A., and the Coachella Valley. As a mother to a 13-year-old son named Remy, Danielle balances her artistic pursuits with the joys of parenthood, calling Remy her pride and joy.

Calgary’s Evolving Art Scene

Danielle, now a proud Calgarian, is passionate about the city’s cultural landscape and a cheerleader for its continued development.

In recent years, Calgary has done more to incorporate art in its public spaces including murals, architecture, walkways. Calgary is such a beautiful clean city and I am happy to call Calgary home. It is exciting to see works from a new generation of artists sweeping through the city…great energy in the arts and music scene.

Danielle Bartlette’s artistic journey is a testament to the thriving arts community in Calgary. Through her innovative use of mixed media, dedication to her craft, and involvement in the city’s cultural landscape, Danielle continues to leave a lasting impression on the art scene. As her current exhibition unfolds at cSPACE Marda Loop, art enthusiasts have the opportunity to witness the evolution of her work and experience the dynamic creativity that defines her as a Calgary-based visionary.

Get Social

For those eager to explore their own artistic endeavours, Bartlette runs the Neon Milkshake Art Studio, offering classes for kids, teens, and adults.


Danielle Bartlette Instagram: @dbartlette_art
Neon Milkshake Art Studio Instagram: @neonmilkshake.yyc